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The extrusion process is complicated, but at Primo, we are working to help our customers reach their markets faster and add value to their products.

Gaskets for windows by Primo
Primo is a front runner in automation and robotics, however, some gaskets are packaged manually to avoid stress on the material

Development of a new profile from idea to product launch sometimes takes months. Several steps must be considered such as combining the raw material, develop the right tools, adjust the machinery, test and documentation of the profile etc.

Often the polymer profiles produced by Primo is just a fraction of the final product in terms of total production cost and weight. This is indeed true when it comes to packing tubes for electronic components for the auto industry or sealing gaskets for white goods, for instance.

As a sub supplier of often small but very essential pieces, Primo cannot be the bottleneck in customers production lines. On the opposite, Primo strive to support and enhance customers’ ability to produce faster and leaner.

Here we have talked with Christian Siewert, Production Management, and Business Unit Director Krzysztof Debski from Primo’s Gasket Business Unit in Germany about how Primo is seeking to add value to customers value chain.

Q & A with Christian Siewert and Krzysztof Debski

How Primo is seeking to add value to customers value chain.

“We try to simplify and lean the communication with the customer to develop the most effective model. Customer projects are served internally by ad-hoc created teams, consisting of the most proper-for-the project employees, where we also use experts from other Primo subsidiaries.”

"With a flexible production setup, we can support customers during an emergency as well (i.e. immediate deliveries). That is not an often-required service, but it might be useful to work with someone who can be with you in a difficult time."

“A lot. Our customers, mainly premium windows and doors producers require to receive components (incl. gaskets) for their assembling and production - precisely on time - not earlier, not later. Besides, they can afford to work only with suppliers of absolute and repeatable quality of every single delivery.”

“We can adjust to specific customer logistic needs, work through i.e. min-max planning or connect electronically through an electronic interface. As an OEM supplier, we can tune into the customer’s specific Quality system, i.e. 4M or other quality models.”

“We are constantly adapting to changing technology of our customers. Many of our partners are automating and robotising their processes. Those processes require a good understanding and engineering mindset of suppliers as well. We at Primo have a very practical approach to such processes and always try to meet expanding technological demand from our customers. For instance, we are assisting our customers in redesigning their products to be more sustainable, i.e. we can provide fully recyclable TPE solutions.”

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