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Primo is your experienced  partner when it comes to design and produce extruded profiles from polymer materials, aiming to optimise performance and save resources

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We serve market leading companies in very different industries and businesses. Our market knowledge and business insight support your development project.


Enitor Primo develops innovative plastic components that are biodegradable and compostable. Tailored co- and tri-extrusion solutions provide the unique combination of plastic profiles with glass and aluminium, and are always easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Water Treatment

We supply plastic profiles used in the filtration of drinking and process water to clients around the world. Both municipal and industrial water treatment installations use our products.

The possibilities are endless; from standard engineering to extremely durable plastics, such as MBBR - Moving Bed Bioreactor - for optimum capacity and effectiveness.

Retail & Display

We offer a wide collection of innovative and cost-effective merchandise solutions for the global retail market.

Our knowledge and experience in the field of extrusion possibilities in the retail market serves as the foundation for optimal communication and promotion on the sales floor. 


We supply high-end customised plastic profiles to several industries. An innovative and future-fit mindset are driving forces in development projects with our customers. 

The applications are endless: from packaging profiles to protective profiles.

Heat, Ventilation, Air-Con & Climate

Smart plastic solutions can help our clients realise the ideal air quality and temperature standards. Some applications for our plastic profiles include air conditioning systems, filter boxes and ventilation grilles.

Construction / Building

Plastic is ideally suited to applications in construction. It is strong, light, water-resistant, insulating (and therefore energy-efficient) and recyclable. But its greatest advantage is its unparalleled scale of shapes, colours and hardness levels.

That's why contractors and engineers make so much use of plastic applications in their work.


Plastic profiles are vital elements in furniture design. We supply a wide selection for office furniture, kitchens and walls.

We develop and produce customised profiles that meet customers' requirements for optimum quality and design. We offer advanced solutions with profiles with protective film and a variety of design foils,


Each door has its own specifications: damp-resistant, automatic, easy to use or rolling. For many years, we have supplied plastic-related components to market leading manufacturers of interior and exterior doors.

Our products include seals, top seals, section seals and glazing profiles in materials such as PVC, ABS, TPE or any combination of the three. 

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