Unique swimmingpool cover / slats / lamella systems

Special designs for special covers

We produce special profiles to meet special requirements of the pool cover regarding colour, dimensions, length, material properties, punching, traceability etc 

Primo provides profiles for swimming pool covers

Our plastic profiles are widely used for swimming pool covers, offering durable protection against damage, offering optimum safety and insulation of water heat. We design and produce high-quality pool covers that are exclusively designed for complex finishing and efficient delivery.

We use sustainable materials and durable PVC or PC, and we ensure that all materials comply with hygiene standard, including  compliance with the LNE NF 132 certificate.

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High-quality pool covers

We produce profiles of high quality using some of the best raw materials in the market, and we test and prepare tools and protoypes for running a smooth production. 
High quality of PVC or PC pool covers includes:

  • Perfect snap and click possibilities
  • Good sealing
  • High straightness
  • Superior surface
  • Smooth slide functionality
  • All colours possible
  • UV resistance incl. cap layers long term
  • Sustainability – reuse recycled materials
  • Closed cooling system in the extrusion process

Material and extrusion knowledge in lamella / slats systems

Being a preferred manufacturer of PVC and PC pool lamella and cover systems, we support your business with technical knowledge and material know-how. We use state-of-the-art technology in extrusion process which also ensures a fast time to market with lead times down to four weeks, or even less.

Additional services

The production process can include punching and assembly, and we can also add protection folio to the profiles. All this will ease your production and assembly time. 

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